Bond Coating and Vertical Joint Sealing

Bond Coating

Changes in surfacing specifications over the previous 10 years has led to an increase in the demand for machine applied bond coats.  Using polymer modified bitumen emulsions at binder course and surface course levels specifiers have improved the bonding and tensile strengths leading to improved durability, performance and longevity.  We offer a range of emulsion tanker sprayers from 18,000 litres sprayers to footway sprayers at 1.00m wide.  All plant is depot tray tested in accordance with BS1707 and we regularly carry out carpet tile testing to ensure that specified spread rates are acheived.

Combination Vertical Joint Sprayers

Industry demands for improved health, safety and quality standards have led to a consequential increase in demand for machine-applied combination bond coating and vertical jointing functions.  Our combination sprayers are capable of carrying out the bond coating as well as the application of a 50 pen polymer modified bitumen sprayed directly against the vertical face of surface courses and / or binder courses.  It is also possible to over-band and spray the free-face to verge-side carriageways.