Why Henry Williams & Son (Roads) Ltd?

Over 30 years’ experience in carriageway recycling to both urban and rural sites.

Wide range of plant suitable for all sizes and locations.

Design experience to ensure longevity and quality.

Shallow Depth Recycling (The Retread Process)

“The retread process is essentially a recycling process in which the existing aggregate in the

road is used, bitumen emulsion is added and the road is reshaped. It is suitable for use on

lightly trafficked roads and has been used successfully in both urban and rural situations.

The treatment is used typically on roads that have become deformed by trafficking or by

work carried out by or on behalf of service provider because part of the process is reshaping

and forming cross falls and cambers. It can also be used on roads on which the existing

material has become dry and lacking in binder and is showing signs of fretting and ravelling.”


Benefits Include

Up to 50% cost saving when compared to plane-out and relay options.

Re-profiling and re-grading benefits.

A comparably quick process.

Low Carbon Count – minimal import and export of materials.

Low traffic movement have a reduced impact on surrounding area.

Ability to lock-in tar bound materials.